A woman with a blog is a dangerous thing.


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  1. Bob Brenniser
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 05:09:51

    I want to write something here!


  2. Sanford Block
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 14:32:46

    What am I doing here? What be this? Did I fall into an open manhole? I do not “Tweet” nor go on Face Book, either….I est, sleep & go on the ‘Puter.
    Retirement is boring –


  3. Sanford Block
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 05:39:04

    Back again. So long to stay away. What’s New? Retirment ain’t what it’s all cracked to be. I go with my wife to supermarket shop. We do ALOT of that. I have been to almost every poopermarket in Essex county. Shop-Rite in West Orange, Livingstein, Bloomafield, the hills of Short & Millburn! Pathmark ?
    South Orange, but IMHO, it’s 3 notches under Shop Rite. Then we schlp (Jewish word: means go where you don’t to go) 🙂 ) Then we go to Eden Garden, so fancy-schmancy you need to wear a dress and 5″ heels, MEN: You need a suit!
    It’s where a single banana can cost .89 cents But…it make one feel RICH, to be there.
    For the oppisite feeling, we go to Stop & Shop in Bloomafield.. They lack ALOT of thing we buy! If we spend $60.00 there, it is ALOT. ‘Ya never ever get outta Shop-Rite for under $ 145.00 !!
    I am 1/2 Jewish & 1/2 Italian. S & S have ZERO in the way of “ethnic” foods for either Italians or Jews, but…they are really big on Blunder Bread ! So, I shop & schlep it home, carry it all in & my wife of 28 years puts it all awy. EXCITING DAY.
    and… I am not on Facebook or twitter, ’cause I didn’t grow up mit dem! Well, there was the one guy, that we all thought he liked to twetter….Next Time


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